What Does Al-Islam Teach?

Undoubtedly, Al-Islam teaches the Oneness of G’d (The Creator of all), the oneness of His message (the revelations of all His prophets), and the oneness of all His creation (all things in existence, humanity, space, time, matter, etc.). It is because of the belief in this oneness that Muslims are taught to have due respect for all things (all lifeforms and all inanimate things) in deference to The Creator and Sustainer of all. Al-Islam teaches to obey, worship, and praise G’d, our Creator.

Al-Islam states that each person is born pure. The Holy Qur’an tells us that G’d has given human beings a choice between good and evil and to seek G’d’s pleasure through faith, prayer and charity. Al-Islam states that G’d created mankind in His image and by imbuing the attributes of G’d on a human level mankind can attain His nearness.

Al-Islam encourages mankind to worship G’d and to treat all G’d’s creation with kindness and compassion. The rights of parents, the elderly, children, orphans, women, those oppressed, those charged with authority, those seeking help and the needy are clearly stated. Islamic teachings encompass every imaginable situation and its rules and principles are truly universal and have stood the test of time.

In Al-Islam virtue does not connote forsaking the bounties of nature that are lawful. On the contrary one is encouraged to lead a healthy, active life with the qualities of kindness, chastity, honesty, mercy, courage, patience and politeness. In short, Al-Islam has a perfect and complete code for the guidance of individuals and communities alike. As the entire message of Al-Islam is derived from the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah (the traditions and practices) of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings on him) it is immutable in the face of change in time and place. It may appear rigid to the casual eye, however it is certainly an adaptable way of life regardless of human changes.

Al-Islam teaches that the path to spiritual development is open to all. Any individual can seek nearness to G’d through sincere and earnest worship; it is central to establishing a relationship with the Almighty. This positive message for humanity fills hearts with hope and courage.