Our Services

Service is our Identity

“Serve Allah, and join not any partners with Him; and do good to parents, family, orphans, those in need, neighbors who are near, neighbors who are strangers, the companion by your side, the wayfarer, and what your right hand possess..”

-Holy Qur’an: 4;36

Our Services

Service is a form of what we call ‘Ibadah’, or worship. We show our gratitude to our Creator by teaching, helping, and serving the many needs of our community and our neighbors. Masjidul Waritheen offers services for children, adults, new converts, the needy, and our neighbors.


The An-Nas Children’s Program focuses on Qur’anic concepts and islamic knowledge. With 12 regular participants, our children’s program was designed for young Muslims to give them the foundation to help further their islamic development in an ever changing world. We believe that there is a light within each child and that it is this light which powers our future. Our duty as a community is to surround our children with love, nourishment, and encouragement for their young lives. Our hope is to sustain and grow this environment so that we all benefit from the light inside of these children for generations to come.
Ages: 6 – 13 years
Sessions: Arabic Tuesdays, 9:10-10:00am – Dr. Zayd (M.A.L.I. instructor)
Islamic Social Studies Saturdays, 9:10-10:00am – Sister Zainab ((An Nas instructor, M.A.L.I. student)

Location: Virtual sessions due to local health/safety directives
Cost: Monthly donations of $25 per child or $40 per family
Contact: Dr. Haneefah Shuaibe-Peters, mshspeters@gmail.com

The An-Nas Children’s Program is in need of volunteers and continued sponsorship. We are always looking for short and long-term volunteers to assist with supervision, transportation (when necessary), and helping our instructor with tutoring our kids. Developing a permanent sponsorship base will help us maintain and secure the islamic resources and materials needed to support our children’s’ educational initiative. Our program is completely community-sponsored and so we ask the our community members donate time, money, and resources as regularly as possible so that we continue our efforts to give our little Muslim children the best possible islamic education. 

Who: Children 5 – 12 years
When: Sundays; 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Where: Masjidul Waritheen
Cost: FREE (families usually contribute $35/mo per child)
Note: Virtual sessions due to local health/safety directives

Qur’an Salaat Institute

Salat is the 2nd pillar of Al-Islam and is to be performed 5 times daily by every Muslim. Allah commands in Al-Qur’an,

Chapter 2; Verse 43: 

and be steadfast in prayer, practice regular charity, and bow down your heads with those who bow down”

Established in 2014, the Qur’an/Salat Institute was founded upon the direction given by Imam W.D. Mohammed that all five pillars of Al-Islam form the foundation of Islamic community. He explains that “Salat is the Qur’an.” Institutionalizing the teaching and study is the aim of the Qur’an Salat Institute.

Every Sunday from 10:30am to 12:30pm
Note: Virtual sessions due to local health/safety directives

Islamic Studies

Instructor: Imam Abdul Raoof Nasir
Location: Virtual sessions due to local health/safety directives
(Zoom -ID 79388879534, Password 289307)


Jumuah salah is held every Friday around midday. During the Spring and Summer, the prayer begins at 1:30 p.m. During the Fall and Winter, the prayer begins at 12:30 pm. Live streaming of Jumuah using http://blogtalkradio.com/faheem-shuaibe or listen by calling in to (319) 527-6176. Watch Jumuah Live!
Per California Health and Safety Code 120295, no indoor/on-site Jumuah until further notice
Every Friday, midday, currently starting at 12:30pm